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Objective-See: LuLu

Then double-clickand draginto thefolder:If you're upgrading LuLu and receive a " is in use" error message, exit the currently running instance of LuLu (via "Quit LuLu" in the status bar menu). 'Block List'When this option is selected, LuLu will automatically block any connection that matches any items in specified block list. When this option is selected, LuLu will run silently without alerts. 'No Icon Mode'When this option is selected, LuLu will run without an icon in the status bar. LuLu is designed to detect and block outgoing connections, such as those generated by malware when the malware attempts to connect to it's command & control server for tasking, or exfiltrates data.Does LuLu conflict with other (paid) macOS firewalls or security products?Although at this point testing has been limited, LuLu appears to play nice with other tools :)I found a bug (or issue) with LuLu.


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